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Yup, I'm still managing to quit smoking

So far I'm doing pretty well.
Last week I didn't buy any cigarettes, and just had the ones I had left over from my trip to Denmark. They lasted me till Friday morning at which point I applied a nicotine patch.
Over the weekend I manage to go to The Swan, Toxic City and a small get together at lee_c_rip's place without having a single fag.
When I applied a patch last Sunday it was roughly 14:00. The patches I use are the 16-hour ones from Nicorette and I didn't take it off untill Monday around 19:00 or so.
As far as I can figure out, that means the patch stopped working sometime in the morning, and since I haven't applied one since, that makes it nearly 30 hours with no nicotine replacement therapy, and still I don't particularly feel like having a smoke. At this point I would like to point out that up until last week I used to have 20 - 30 a day and easily 2 - 3 pack of 20 if I went out in the evening...

So I'm understandably pleased with myself. The downside is that I feel that I have put on some weight, but hopefully nailbug will help whip me into shape.

Also, I think it was mistressmalaise who said something very wise, namely that at this moment in time the pleasure from having a smoke would be outweighed(sp?) by far by the annoyance with myself if I failed now.

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