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Well, I guess I should really get around to posting about what I've been doing recently.

The last week at work was generally pretty boring I really couldn't be bothered doing very much.
I developed a bad habit af being roughly an hour late and leaving an hour early. Oh yeah, I also decided to take two hour lunch breaks.
Apathy can be so nice sometimes.

Wednesday I went to Carrion Screaming which was quite good. I went there with nailbug, and we immediately bumped into St Mike and Mistress Pickles. sistercarrion was DJ'ing and doing quite a good job too. A couple of hiccups occurred according to her, but I didn't notice. Tags showed up later, as did karia8, and a fun night was had by all until Tags started feeling woozy and feared that his drink had been spiked.
Some annoying scallies were also present, but Mistress Pickles used her Voice of Command to make them sit down and be quiet.
Was standing a few metres away, and I felt like sitting down and be quiet when she told them. Very impressive show of force of will.

Pictures are here...

Later when it was all over, Tags was kind enough to drive nailbug and myself back to my place.

Thursday and Friday went past, and Saturday came along.
Nailbug and I went shopping, and I got The Flying Milka Cow™ and some books as previously mentioned.

Sunday has been a bit odd so far, as I woke up when my phone announced that I had a text message waiting for me. after a short while I realised that nailbug was nowhere to be seen (I thought she might have gotten up early to check her mail or somesuch or might have gone to the loo. After a while I decided to check that message and lo and behold, it was from her, announcing that she had gone home. How nice...
She had apparently had a temporary fit of insanity (Her words) and thought for a short while that she wouldn't be able to trust me if I were to go somewhere without her. Hmmm, right.
Fast forwarding 4 hours, several text messages and a few e-mails later, I now have a dilemma.
nailbug wants to forget that this ever happened and continue as before, but on the other hand, I can't be bothered with this sort of thing and am now contemplating whether it's time for a break and then see how things go. Hmmm
Decisions, decisions.

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