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I haven't updated for a long time, so I'll just write down some of the highlights over the last couple of week.

I've been to Midian, Sanctuary and Carrion Screaming. All good nights out.

I'm still not smoking, with the exception of a couple of lapses, but I'm still managing to not smoke when I go out drinking. I suspect that that is the main milestone I have to get over...

I spoke with faithais on the phone and she has a very cute voice. I'm really looking forwards to going up to Glasgow to see her, and then on to Edinburgh for Covenant.

I chatted a bit to kazina on ICQ. She's getting ready to go to Liverpool to see Placebo. She will probably also come to Carrion Screaming and Midian while she's here.

I've decided that shaving is more hassle than it's worth, so until I get tired of my beard, I'm not gonna shave.

I have spent way too much money on cd's recently, but they were on sale, and I felt I deserved them for being so good with the not smoking.

I fedexed ny soul to hell while in Tesco.

I have retired an old workhorse, and will be giving it to sistercarrion as soon as nomunters can get his car around to pick it up. I might lend her a modem as well if I'm feeling generous...

I managed to get a second graphics card for my main workstation at home, so I now have it set-up with a 15" LCD as the main monitor and a 17" Iiyama "old-style" monitor as the secondary display. I'm now saving up for a 17" flatscreen so I can be really geeky :D One of my colleagues in London has a 15" flatscreen he doesn't need anymore, so if I get that one first I might spend the £300 on something else.

Hmmm, apart from all of that, nothing particularly exciting has happened.

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