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And politics seems to running rampant at the moment.
Both greap and faithais has been at it recently
Friday night after Sanctuary I found myself having a discussion with Sci-Fi Matt about various topics although the specifics are a bit hazy, and last night I a few hours discussing politics with an old friend of mine over some very refreshing pints of Budvar.

He always though I was leaning heavily to the right until I mentioned that back in Denmark I was a member of The Socialistic Peoples Party. Interestingly, I never realised that he thought that about me. I guess I have moved so far to the left now, that I'm closing in on the right wingers.
Imagine politics as a circle instead of a line. At the top you have the liberals in the middle, and as you move further to the side you get to the left-wing and right-wing on each side.
If you then move further down, you get to the point where left and right meet, but without the bleeding heart liberals. That's where my political opinion lies.
I guess what sparked off the political discussion yesterday was my comment about democracy being a failed experiment which doesn't work :>

And on a different note, I have managed to properly name all the recent pics I've taken so they will be up soon.
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