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And it would appear that I now have a

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 716340
Date Created:2002-09-24
Number of Posts: 437

Gleefully over-zealous when first interested, but the fire fades. Has been known to do silly things. Laidback to the point of being asleep.
Strengths: Can drink immense amounts of tequila without passing out. Is über-geek extraordinaire. Is on-line 24/7
Weaknesses: Too geeky. Fails to resist the lure of alcohol. A bit too truthful on occassion. Financially enthusiastic. Is on-line 24/7.
Special Skills: Can drink immense quantities of liquor. Professional sooth-sayer and friendly shoulder. Can do things with computers mere mortals can but dream of.
Weapons: Immense Trenchcoat. Rings of Powah.

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