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Hmmm, relatively un-eventful day today. Got up, went to work, am now preparing to go home :)
There's been a fair few jobs to deal with which has been nice.

However, yesterday was deffo a scummy day. It seemed like it was national goth-bashing day or something like that. First there was a website which defamed littlemsmortis in a most disgusting way and mofette had gotten pissed off about Manga. And to top it off a couple of scallies decided that it would be really good fun to throw drinks at the goth when I crossed the street. Such fun they had while speeding away in their car. Grrrr. Sometimes my attitude towards carrying guns get really severely tested.
Grrr. Seriously pissed off

And to anyone who's considering visitng or moving to Liverpool. Don't! It's the scummiest hell-hole upon this planet.....

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