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Phones working again.
Rar Rar Rar

ADSL at home not working due to problem with BT's ATM network.

Tired as all hell due to staying up and playing Red Alert 2 all night (And I do mean all night)

Due to the frailty of floppy disks, there are 3 comments from yesterday which I haven't been able to see and so won't reply to them. Sorry. If it's important, feel free to remind me.

Bought two more cd's (Mazzy Star - Among My Swan & Kirsty MacColl - Kite) Spent the late afternoon being all nostalgic and reading.
*mmmmm, nice*

Exchanged e-mails with an old friend in London about the joys of quarter-life crises.

That's it, no more interesting stuff to add. At work and bored/tired. Bleurgh.

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