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Ahhh, what a relaxing Sunday. Got up at about 14:00 and had another go at figuring out Exchange 2000. I should really get a book or something. It's quite different from 5.5.
Also tried to get my other machine to join my domain. Phht. No luck. Hmmm, will have to look at the DNS entries, but not at 2:30 in the night :)
Greasy fry-up for 'breakfast at 16:00 :) Mmmmm, that heart-attack is definitely only a couple of years away. Especially with my 20 - 30 a day habit......

I have also discovered a new chocolate from Cadbury. It's called Mye and it's totally gorgeous. It's got some kind of mousse centre with cruchy cocoa bits. Gorgeous.

And to round the night off, I decided to feed my Starcraft addiction by trying to beat two of my housemates at the same time. Ok, I lost, but two agains one is hardly fair.
Especially when one of them can steal my units and suddenly I have three opponent.
Grrrr. Not fair :)
We then had a couple of goes against the computer which totally thrashed us each time. That was fun though. Fun though it may be, I should really get some studying done. I also have to continue my job hunt for Something in London so I can get out of this scummy hell-hole and back to Notting Hill.
Grrr. Why is Starcraft so bloody addictive?

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