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Various random stuff...

I now have a new DVD Drive :)

My ticket for M'Era Luna has arrived :)

nailbug is asleep behind me as she is rather knackered. I, however, have Jolt Cola, so I'm not tired :)

IT Workers are suffering from new variant of Tourettes Syndrome. Full Story here. I remember doing telephone support and suffering from this. The anger management has really paid off though, I haven't had to kill anyone recently.

Work is looking much better. I was at a meeting in London (an hour and 20 minutes late courtesy of Mr Branson & Virgin Trains) to discuss the future of us IT Monkeys, and the future is a lot brighter now.

Just before last weekend I received my shipment of Jolt Cola. Thanks again to Missyk8 for telling the world about Cybercandy.co.uk.

I am currently 400 posts behind on my friendslist. Yay. That'll give me something to do.

I might post some geekery later/tomorrow as I'm trying to figure out how to reconfigure my 7 pc's and which tasks I want them to perform...
I also desperately need to tidy up my cabling. It's a disgrace...

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