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Recently I have had to take along hard look at what I'm doing, where I am, what I want to do and how I#m going to accomplish it.
Tuesday I was sent to London (Yay) for a meeting concerning my employment future due to the company I worked for going bust and subsequently being taken over by another company.
This company is outsourcing all their IT to yet another company.
At first we were told that our future was extremely uncertain as we wouldn't necessarily be transferred to said company, but at the meeting in London it was made clear that unless we screw up big style we would definitely transfer across under the TUPE regulations.

Anyone who has heard of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young will know that this is a fantastinc opportunity and will understand why I'm putting all brakes on my current job hunt. Yes I want to go to London, but I would really like to move down there as part of CGE&Y.

I have also decided that I really need to do something about my MCSE. To this end I have decided that I will abstain from going out in the forseeable future. I might go to the pub on occassion, but no clubnights as such (including Midian tomorrow). This is also partially down to a desire to save money as I know I will have to save up if I'm going to afford M'Era Luna, Infest and Whitby.
I might still make trips around the country though :)

I have managed to track down a couple of places in the North-West where I can take the MCSE exams, so hopefully I'll be fully certified before long...

And this leads me to my plans for my little home network

As soe people may have gethered, I have a decent amount of computers and stuff like that:

This is my hardware:
P4 1.6GHz RAM: 256MB HD: 180GB 7200RPM 15"LCD 52x24x52 CD-RW Win2K Pro
P4 1.6GHz RAM: 256MB HD: 40GB 5400RPM 15"LCD 16x DVD-R Win2K Pro
P4 1.6GHz RAM: 256MB HD: 20GB 5400RPM 15"LCD 48x CD-R Win2K Pro
P4 1.6GHz RAM: 256MB HD: 20GB 5400RPM 15"LCD 48x CD-R Win2K Advanced Server
P3 1.0GHz RAM: 256MB HD: 20GB 5400RPM 15"LCD 24x CD-R Win2K Pro
P2 400MHz RAM: 256MB HD: 33GB 7200RPM 15"LCD ??x CD-R Win2K Advanced Server
P2 350MHZ RAM: 128MB HD: 20GB 5400RPM Win2K Pro
+120GB 7200RPM
These are all networked via an 8 port 10mbps hub. This will hopefully be upgraded soon
The P3 connects to the internet via ADSL but I plan to replace it with a P4 running Win2K Advanced Server in full Active Directory mode. This will hopefully assist me when going for the Win2K Server and the Active Directory Exams.

I did try to put FreeBSD on one of the IBMs, but it kinda freaked out when it saw the IBM hardware (Very obscure proprietary set-up) and died. Hence why I'll be sticking to Win2K for the time being.
Unless of course someone would like to lend me a copy of SuSE Linux 8.2 :)

But anyway, this was as much for my own benefit as for anyone who might be even a little bit interested in my adventures in IT.
Tomorrow I plan to make a diagram detailing exactly what I want each machine to do when I'm finished with my re-organisation. I'm current;y moving them around as well so I can use them all to the fullest.
Unfortunately I'm running out of deskspace :-/

And my non-smoking is still going well. I have been off the evil weed over two weeks without patches now, and I haven't run out of places to hide the bodies yet... :>

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