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Not doing much.....

Monday night/Tuesday Morning.
And I have done absolutely fuck-all this past week, hence why I haven't bothered updating my journal for a while. All I've been doing is working, playing starcraft against my housemates (Generally winning :)) and eating.
Oh yeah, I went to Manchester Saturday for a meal and a couple of drinks with some former colleagues. That was quite fun.
I really need to excercise again. Beerguts aren't charming :)
I also chickened out when I was meant to try to woo someone I think might be mutually interested... Grrrr. I should really try at some point. Ho-hum....
Camilla> Du ved hvem jeg snakker om.

Went through old letters and photos while re-arranging my furniture. Quite a trip down memory lane that was. Right back to the bad old days that was......
I also didn't go to a gig tonight I meant to go to as I couldn't get hold of someone who was meant to give me a lift.

And now I'm sitting here at 02:15 writing this when I should be in bed getting ready for another day at work tomorrow.

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