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I have discovered a couple of good things about my harddrive woes (Cue wrist-to-forehead-woe-is-me).

I have to start deleting stuff which I really should have done ages ago. Let's face it. If you're running out of space across 7 computers with a total of over 400gb of storage, it's time to start trimming.
So far I've just bought bigger and bigger HDDs, but with the death of my 180gb drive something has to be done.
I have a software folder which had 20gb of software in it. I'm now down to 13gb and I'm still deleting.
I have ripped all my own cd's to mp3 at 320kbps. They are now all going to be deleted and re-ripped later at a more sensible 224kbps. there's also a few other things I'll be getting rid off.

Unfortunately I can't find the CD-burning software which came with my burner, and for some reasong older versions of Nero don't regognize my burner. Grrr.
Time to see if I still have the cd. Otherwise I'll be fuX0r3d.

Also, shifting 150gb across a 10mbps network is slow. Very slow. So at the moment I'm swapping harddrives between the machine with the burner, and the machine with the failing harddrive and moving my files locally. It might sound odd, but it's a hell of a lot faster than copying via the network...

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