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Holiday forms for M'Era Luna, Infest and Whitby are all signed :)

Now I just need to get my expenses and overtime handed in, and I'll be ready for the TUPE transfer to CGE&Y.

Which reminds me of a rather nasty joke I pulled on my manager the other day.
He's a raging anti-american, although when pressed he can't explain why. I suspect some of his friends are anti-us and he jumped on the bandwagon. Pffft.
But anyway, he'd mentioned some time ago that he would never, ever, work for an american company, and I asked him whether that was still the case. Naturally he confirmed that it was indeed still the case.
I then mention that I assumed that he wasn't gonna show up for work after the 1st of June, and he asked why.
I said that CGE&Y is an american company, and all of a sudden he went rather quiet and then started back-pedalling so fast that even T. Blair would have been impressed.
Ahhh, sometimes I just slay me :)

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