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And apparently Tony Martin is a very dangerous man.
Well, he's dangerous if you try to burgle him. It says alot about the British (in)justice system that you can be sent to jail for defending your home.

But anyway...

The weekend was fairly quiet. Spent all of Saturday/Sunday burning cd's and playing a bit of Starcraft.
Monday nailbug finally came around after spending all of last week hiding at home while her bruises slowly healed. They've healed quite nicely, but I still looked like a wife-beater when we walked down to Nandos for a bite to eat.
We did actually mean to go to The swan to meet lee_c_rip, but he left before we could get there, and we went to Nandos instead.

Afterwards we went to see The Matrix: Reloaded which rawked.
Lot's of eyecandy. Lot's of cool fightscenes. And The Twins were totally awesome. Probably my favorites, although The Big Agent (Not Smith) was very cool too. I'm not sure what his name was, but he's the one you see the most...
Keanu Reeves performance was as you would expect from him, but not too bad.

The soundtrack was quite good too, apart from the Nu-Metal which was played during the end credits, and I expect to buy the cd as soon as I get paid (Friday).
And make sure you stay till the end of the credits if you want to see a trailer for Matrix: Revolutions.

And there are a couple of really interesting, and (for me) unexpected plot twists towards the end.

All in all a rather good movie if you want a movie with gratuitous violence, stylish fight scenes and a cool bad guy with a receding hairline :)

After watching The Matrix we trundled back to my place for some much needed R&R.

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