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Weekend was largely good as I didn't really do much :)

Due to working Saturday, I couldn't go to Sanctuary Friday, but strangely, I managed to meet a fair few people while walking around town with nailbug.
We met beby_sam in the trainstation and later bumped into her and sistercarrion. While chatting to those two fine young ladies, we somehow managed to turn into a goth nexus with felch_02 joining us and erroneousuk showing up shortly after beby_sam left. I think there were more, but I'm not sure.

Before meeting the above mentioned peeps, I bought a Brita water filter and the Matrix: Reloaded soundtrack which totally rocks. Let me re-phrase that. disc 2 with the musical score is fantastic. Especially track 5 (Juno Reactor\Dan Davis: Mon Lisa Overdrive) is ace, and I've been listening to it way too much since I got the cd.
Go buy it, it's worth it.

Later we went to a Mexican restaurant which was slightly disappointing as my chicken didn't really taste any different from anything I might have gotten from KFC or similar fast food joint.
I think I'll take nailbug to Que Pasa on Lark Lane as that is a brilliant restauran with an excellent seafood menu :)

Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent trying to migrate one of our departments to the new owners network. It never ceases to amaze me how rigorous User Acceptance Testing can be, and still fail to be done properly. There's nothing quite like migrating an entire department only to discover that they suddenly can't print.
Not my problem though :)

Picked up nailbug when she finished work and we wnt back to my place for some R&R. I moved one of my pc's to the end of my bed in the vain hope that we could watch The Usual Suspects, but as it was too late to bother moving my speakers as well, the sound volume was too low to be able to hear the movie so we went to sleep instead.

Sunday we picked up faithais from the train station and showed her a bit of Liverpool while walking back to my place. General chat and dinner ensued, and faithais eventually crashed as she was rather tired, while nailbug and I stayed up to do stuff. Amongst other things, I nearly finished building a machine purely for watching DVDs.

There's something gloriously decadent about having a P4 1.6Ghz with a 15" flatscreen purely for watching movies and on-line TV.
This is also the only pc with Real player installed as I hate that pile of moose dung with such passion that I'm nearly speech less. And no, a thesaurus won't help.

Monday evening we tested it by watching The Company of Wolves, American Psycho and some of The Usual Suspects.

Nothing else to report...

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