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Mmmmm, my credit card payment finally came through and I promptly went shopping :)

I got myself:

And I got my watch fixed :)

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Deluxe is so sleek and gorgeous that it borders on Geek Pr0n. It was only £40, so if I find anymore, I'm gonna buy them straight away. Like all other Logitech products, it's buth Good and Right. When choosing an input device, there simply is no way of getting around the very simple and incontrovertible fact that Logitech is the king.

28 Days Later is an absolutely amazing movie about a virus which gets loose and turns people into raging killers. Amazingly there were virtually no plot holes, and the performances from the mostly unknown cast were pretty good.
Romper Stomper is also a fantastic movie, and I'm sure that David McKenna who wrote American History X was influenced by it.

I have also set-up ICQ, so anyone who wants to download stuff from me can add me to their buddy lists and let me know what they'd like me to put in my shared folder.

It's now time for me to go to bed...
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