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I am now broke...
After my success yesterday, it was clear to me that I should try to get this whole MCSE palaver over and done with ASAP so I can sod off back down to London. I have therefore booked another exam for Monday 30/06. This time I'll be tackling Windows 2000 Server, and hopefully my result will be equally as satisfying as the one yesterday. Hence why I am now broke. That and the meal nailbug and I had yesterday at Marantos on Lark Lane.
The swordfish steak I had was quite nice :)
Then there was the Logitech keyboard & mouse which I bought Tuesday and I think I got a few other things as well.

I suspect that I will have to study alot harder for this one, than I did for the Windows 2000 Pro exam.
No going out for me until Sanctuary then. I probably shouldn't go to Sanctuary, but I feel my absence has been too long...

Tomorrow I really must try to remember to send mofette her cd and my faulty hard drive back to Dabs.
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