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The good, the bad and the ugly

We finally got the announcement that this office will close somewhere around August.
This leaves me with few options:

  • Transfer to another office up here and add nearly an hour to my travelling time in the morning/evening

  • Try to transfer down to London, although I'd almost rather wait till I have a few more MCP's or even better, a full MCSE

  • Hope for redundancy and a decent package to go with it (This is actually my preferred option :))

  • Sell all my belongings and walk the earth like Jules in Pulp Fiction (:

  • Oh well, at least the announcement has been made.
    Interestingly, I still haven't been TUPE'd over to Cap Gemini, and if this office closes, they can make both me redundant with good reason and they don't even have to pay me very much as I haven't been her for more than two years. Well, at least I don't worry too much. I don't really care too much about what happens. If I have to endure Option 1, then I'll just have to look harder than ever on the friendly job sites ;)

    I'll also lose the company mobile soon if all goes to plan, so I've been collecting brochures from all the networks (Apart from O2 as they suck).

    I have also finally gotten some new contacts I can sleep in. It's really weird to wake up in the morning and be able to see properly straight away. I still have a few mor check-ups before the Optician will be happy that I can use them full time, but it looks promising.
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