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I'm quite pleased to announce that I'll be hosting the Sanctuary website for a while.
The reason for this is that fpjudderlord will be moving house.
As much as I'm doing this as a favour for a mate (And DJ extra-ordinaire), I'll have to admit that my inner geek is rather pleased that there's now a purpose to the Win2K Advanced Server I have running 24/7.
The address will remain the same, but the site will be served from here.
If there's any slowness or it's not available, please let me know so I can sort it out asap, if necessary.

I would have preferred to host it at Merseygoths.com, but I have discovered that WS FTP Pro suck enormously mighty wang. Fortunately I managed to find Smart FTP again, and that one is absolutely ace. I have only been able to find one very small annoyance about it, but it's such a small thing that even someone as pedantic and irritable as myself can look the other way :)

Also, a bunch of flyers arrived today courtesy of flooks, and if ye olde Sanctuary crew don't mind, that will keep me busy for a while at Sanctuary.

Anyroad, time to get on with my studies...

ps. damn I love this song
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