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Test thingie nicked from faithais

What is love?
Accepting everything about someone and finding them beautiful even when they're lounging aboutwith no make-up and scruffy hair & clothes.

Name 3 things you feel very passionate about:
Politics, religion and IT.

Do you have a short temper?
Normally I don't, but I occassionally have a bad day. I also tend to carry grudges for long periods of time if I feel I have been wronged.

Are you a friend to dragons?
Ummm, dragons?

Are you very warm hearted?
Towards those I consider friends or potential friends, aye.

Do you feel intense emotions?

Are you bright?
Yes, but then again, I would say so...

Is vibrance a good characteristic to have?
It can be

Are you rich in self confidence?
Abundantly so. Some people might confuse it with arrogance on occassion.

Are you rich in vitamin C?
I take vitamin pills regularly, so I would hope so.

Is Lala Orange your favorite Rainbow Bright character?

Are you a very happy person?
Happy? No. Content? Yeah, sort of.

Do you like the sun?
Hell yeah. I'm practically a sun worshipper, except that I don't sunbathe...

Do you ever feel utter and complete joy?
Not these days :-/

Do you feel like the volume in your life is all the way up?
Not at the moment.

Do you feel warm inside when you hug people?
Not really in a long time.

If you were a Care Bear would you be Cheer Bear?

Are you lemon scented?
Ahhh, the sweet lemon scented smell of victory. Yes I am :)...

Are you incredibly lucky?
Nope, more like very unlucky.

Are you easy going?
Usually I am.

Are you very mischievious?
Not at all.

Are you very lusty/sexy?

Ever find a four leafed clover?

Are you fresh like mint?
NAh, I'm an old fart.

Does nature speak to you?

Do you love to look at water?
Not bodies of water, but I do rather like heave rain. *Very* heavy rain...

Are you calm/relaxed?
I'm normally so laid back and relaxed people think I'm asleep.

Is it very difficult to upset you?
Depends on what people are trying to make me upset over.

Are you at peace?
More like an unsteady truce...

Are you comforting?
That's for others to say.

Are you well balanced?
I would say so, but I could be wrong.

Are you content?
Largely, although not entirely...

Are you royalty?
Nope, but I am a giant amongst men (:

Are you very free spirited?

Are you conceited?
That's for others to say.

Do you have a passion for indulgence?
Sometimes I do treat myself to nice things :)

Are you a grape?

Are you a purple horseshoe?
Not as far as I'm aware, but I could be a purple horseshoe dreaming that I'm a human.

Are you less than intense?
Again, it's for others to say...

Are you incredibly feminine?
Not particularly.

Do you absorb everything possible?
I try.

Are you incredibly energetic?

Are you expensive?
Yes, but it's out of my own pocket. I don't accept charity easily..

Are you worth it?
Hell yeah. I'm great... :D

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