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Saturday at long last.
Sanctuary last night was fantastic. Both FistalPleasureLord</a> and Jared did some good sets, and Inertia was great too.
I was asked to sit and look after one of the stalls for a short while, and I got to play with the smoke machine.
Wheeeeeeeeee :)
That was fun. Definitely a highlight. I'm easily amused that way.........

The company was good too.
Psiberat, Maxbouffant, Jenna and Paul the Chef were there.
so was GreenHairNat, but sadly she spent most of her time taking money of new arrivals.
She did look rather splendid in her all white outfit.

Very good night fuelled by plenty of Carlsberg Export and JD and coke. Mmmmmmm. Lovely.

Afterwards Paul the Chef, Jenna and myself went to my place and had some more beer while chatting about everything under the sun.
It went from politics to mythology to privacy concerns and so forth.
I finally managed to get to bed at around 8 in the morning....

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