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Massachusetts Court to Rule on Same-Sex Divorce


It's 11:20 and I haven't checked
Jobserve yet. This will have to be remedied immediately.
If anyone know of any companies that are looking for a Windows NT/2000 administrator please let me know. I'm getting quite desperate to get out of here. This place is crushing my will to live. It's demoralising and demotivating.
I can just about play
Utopia but even that is a struggle. I tried to play Solitaire but I can't concentrate enough.
and our helldesk consists of techno-peasants who seems to have skipped all their english lessons (Or maybe they found it too hard to understand what the teacher said?). They are supposedly English, but they don't understand the simplest of instructions written in simple English. Or maybe I'm using a font they can't see...
Boo hiss.
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