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Liverpool 2008 European Capital of Culture???

How the devil could this scummy hell-hole possible manage to bribe it's way to being shortlisted for this?

I believe they're meant to share their culture with the rest of Europe.....
So we're gonna see tracksuits everywhere?
People on the continent will be able to nick a car in 15 econds flat?
It'll become fashionable to be a grumpy git who never smiles? (Oh hang on, I'm a goth I'm not meant to do that either. Cursed be this perkiness :))

I know that Liverpool had The Beatles, but that's a long time ago. And they didn't seem too unhappy about moving away....

All they have now is Football and Atomic Kitten. Maybe also a few other bands I don't know the names of, but I really can't think of anything that would warrant this blemish-on-the-planet to be shortlisted for this award. The only thing this town should get is a couple of small thermo nuclear detonations while I sit somewhere far away with a JD & Coke watching...
My navel fluff has a higher IQ than most of the people from this place.
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