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Operation "Be Lazy as F*ck" has so far been a great success. I managed to faff about till about 14:30 watching movies and surfing the net.
I then decided to pay Virgin Megastores and Tesco a visit.
Virgin agreed to selling me:

After a brief exchange of hard currency.
I have now watched Lost in space and I grudgingly have to admit that it's a bit better than I expected, but not exactly a masterpiece.
I'm really looking forwards to Das Boot. The last time I saw it, was when I still lived in The Fatherland. and that was the somewhat longer tv series, so I'm looking forwards to seeing it again. I just hope it hasn't been to badly mangled...
I then bought two pizzas and a pot noodle in Tesco and went home to spend the rest of my day in glorious decadence :)
Amusingly, the pot noodle was a new flavour I haven't seen before: The Sizzler, Bacon Flavour. Mmmmm, sounds good to me.
And anyone who hasn't seen the pot noodle website must go and do so now!
It's hilarious...
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