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The obligatory M'era Luna report...

Well, first of all, it was fantastic. Totally great...
Quite possibly the best festival I've ever been to.
There was a fair few people I would have like to meet up with, but didn't manage... :-/

Friday I took the 6:32 from Liverpool to London. Made my way to the airport where I was greeted by a rather massive queue for the check-in...
After a while my friend Anke arrived, and after much waiting and faffing about we were in the plane heading towards Frankfurt.
For some reason she didn't find it amusing when I mentioned that I would quite like to be in a plane crash assuming that it was one where I (And my travel companions) would come out totally unscathed. Hmm, oh well, women are odd :P
To cut a rather long story much shorter:
We arrived in Frankfurt. Ankes brother, Bert, picked us up. We went to his flat. Got ready. Bert, his gf (Maria), Anke and myself went and picked up one of his friends, Arne, and drove off to the festival. On the way we stopped at Burger King for some food, and all of a sudden a mean and nasty wasp decided to sting Anke. The stinged area was referred to as her Alien for the remainder of the festival :) Fortunately it wasn't a chest-burster because that would have been messy.
The drive took a lot longer than I originally anticipated, and we were a bit late to pick up kazina, but eventually we made it.
What we didn't manage, however, was to put up kazinas tent.
The people next to us were really nice and helpful while I had an excercise in futility by trying to put it up, but one of the girls were horrendously drunk/stoned/whatever and kept falling into it.
Eventually they were nice enough to lend kazina a nice tent, so all was fine...
We then relaxed and went to bed. This was incidentally when I realised that the three person tent I had brought was in fact a three midget tent. Or at least it's not for people of my rather aryan stature. Not being able to stretch out fully without destroying the tent is rather annoying. Admittedly, we discovered the next day that we should have rotated 90° so it would have been a better length, but hey, I'll remember next time.

We woke to find that what I thought was a tent was in fact a portable sauna. It was incredibly hot in the tent, and I quicklyish crawled outside where it was a bit cooler for a short while.
I managed to catch a bit of the Gothminister and SITD gigs. they were both good, but not outstanding.
I then wandered around for a bit and went back to our camp. After getting dumped by nailbug I went to see Qntal, but the hangar was so full that there was loads of people standing outside so I gave up pretty quickly and waited for Haujobb to get on. Sadly Haujobb sucked, so I went to see The Crüxshadows who rocked immensely. If I had known they were this good I wouldn't have missed their gig in Manchester a couple of months ago :-/

I wanted to catch both Mesh and Blutengel, but Project Pitchfork and Nightwish came in the way...
I managed to get myself and Bert fairly close to the front for the Project Pitchfork gig and he then managed to push his way through and get us all the way up close. It was absolutely fantastic. By the end of it I was drenched in both sweat and water from the water cannon. Lovely. I then managed to catch the towel they threw out to the crowd. Yay.
The Nightwish gig was beyond description. It was simply so bloody amazingly good that I'm finding it hard to describe it. Their music is what I would call Epic Metal. Go listen to them. NOW. Trust me. No really, trust me :)
Also, I love their pyrotechnics, but that's partially because I have a slightly unhealthy love for fire ;)
It's not the kind of music which tells you how to vote or that you should go and hug trees, and I for one really don't care. They're fantastic.

I'll do an update for Sunday later as I'm a bit tired right now, and feel that a game of Starcraft is coming on :)

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