September 24th, 2002

Ice Bear

Ok, here we go

Ummmmm, right.
I have an LJ now.
Ummm, right. I'll see if I can put something interesting in it.
Most interesting things seems to happen to other people..... :)
And I doubt that they would want everything they do and say to
be plastered all over my LJ :)
Mr Eleganza
Ice Bear

Wheeeeeee :)

Finally time to go home :)
What have I accomplished today?
Not much.
Ogled some of the new girls.
Surfed the net.
Set up this LJ.
Chatted to a few mates via MSN Messenger.

Oh yeah, I also did about 30 minutes of work today.
And that's an optimistic guesstimate :)

Quickly home, then even quicker down to the Swan :)

And with a bit of luck, I might even find some people to give flyers to.
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