October 3rd, 2002

Ice Bear


Yet another boring day at work.
All I've done today is go on smokebreaks and rip cd's :). I really should try to get a job where I would have more stuff to do.
I've mostly ripped Leonard Cohen, Die Krupps, Fiddler's Green and a couple of tribute cd's.

I was starving all morning until I finally got off my lazy rear-end and went and got a binlid with bacon, egg, and sausages. Yummm.
We usually refer to them as heart-attacks-inna-bun. Lovely though.
Eeerrrmmm, I don't really think I have anything else to write of interest. Assuming of course that any of this is of interest :)
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    Die Krupps - Iron Man (Remix)
Ice Bear

(no subject)

Bloody crap public transport. The trains have broken down, and I now have to rush to catch Buffy. Grrrrrr!!
Well, at least Tattoed_Goth_Messiah has offered me that I can borrow a tv tuner card from him, so in the future I might be able to record Buffy on my pc if I don't get home on time in the future.
Hmmm, I wonder if I'd be able to get it to run using Linux?
Ice Bear


Trains are running again. I should be able to catch Buffy :)
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    Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne