November 10th, 2002

Ice Bear

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I found this quite funny to day.

Ciggie count: 2 drags of a housemates smoke.
Not bad at all, but then again, I only got out of bed at 18:09 so I still have some time to go......
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Ice Bear


I have actually managed an entire day without cigarettes or nicotine replacement chewing gum. :D I'm quite pleased with my self. Hopefully I'll manage to keep it up. It only get's bad when I actually think about it though.
Which is why I wonder if I should have downloaded Nicorettes' Screensaver and little desktop diversion.

So, the Ciggie count is still two drags of one of my house mates' smokes. Mmmmm.
I think I deserve to go to bed now :)
I really shouldn't chat on irc all night.
Or play Starcraft on Battle.Net :)
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Ice Bear


Well, everyone else seemed to have an eye icon, so I thought I might as well too.
Mine's a bit different though :)

Still haven't had a smoke, but christ I'm ready to kill for one of Philip & Morriss' little death sticks.
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