November 14th, 2002

Ice Bear

New Rocks may look good, but.....

For fucks dake the build quality bloody sucks. It sucks more than a bleeding Dyson. I bought a pair of New Rocks in Camden way back in August. By september the metal rim at the back was slowly coming a bit loose and the front bits had been pushed out a teeny weeny bit. During the Whitby weekend (Where I was in London), the metal rim on the back of the left shoe broke and I had to get it replaced. And today the other one broke!!! And I can't get it bloody fixed in Liverpool. Grrrr. I'm gonna have to see about sending it down to London.

Hmmm, I suspect it's gonne be a really really long time before I get another pair of New Rock if that's the kind of shoes I can look forwards to.
Not impressed.
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