November 29th, 2002

Ice Bear

Ummm, right.

It's been awhile since I posted anythin'cos I've been hellishly busy with work.
Last week I was working 8 - 23:30 most day and thourughly knackered when I got home. I also worked roughly the same shifts both weekends.
Sort of. Last Sunday I couldn't be arsed, and when I met antman_manant on my way to work, we went for a game of pool instead :)
On top of that I've been the only one in the office.
The company also pissed me off something chronic, so I really couldn't care less how things go on this site.

On a more positive note, one of the teamleaders in our Powergen department has figured out that I'm susceptible to bribes. Normally when someone asks me to come and help them I tell them to go and log it with our helpdesk. This chap has figured out that if he slips me a bit of chocolate, I'll come and fix what needs fixing straight away :)

Hmmm, what's the point of being in a position where you can abuse your power if you don't abuse it?
Anyway, I'll write a bunch more later.
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Ice Bear

Remarkable how people can still shock me

I followed a few links and saw this.
I can't believe people would do stuff like that.
I used to have nude stuff of an ex of mine and promptly destroyed it when we split up.
How anyone could do something like this I'll never know......
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