January 31st, 2003

Ice Bear

Mis-adventures with Frontpage

And here I am, at 2:20am. Struggling to correct the cack-handed way Frontpage XP deals with Javascript and the rather odd directory structure it imposes on me.
Christ how I wish I had stuck to handcoding Javascript and HTML back when it was still an interest....

Well, I guess I asked for it.

I am sooo installing Dreamweaver this weekend if I have the time.
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

Pictures from last weekend are now up.
Yes, it's made with Frontpage.
Yes, it looks shite.
No, I don't give a toss at 3:58am ;)


Good luck guessing which pic(s) are of me ;)
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Ice Bear

I feel dirty

One of my colleagues persuaded me to buy a copy of The Daily Express.
I feel so dirty just having touched it...
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