February 4th, 2003

Ice Bear

Friday/The Swan/Sanctuary

So anyway, the weekend was good, despite appearances to the contrary ;)

Friday I met up with felch_02, Jen, Liz, Ken, Vladimir, skfulstow and Nicki at The Swan so we could re-group and then hit Sanctuary.
It was good and much fun was had.
Pictures can be seen here.
And once again it's been proven that women (Jen & Liz) do look better with hats than most men.
Nicki is now thoroughly convinced that I'm a blackhearted evil bastard after taking some remarkably amusing pictures of her. Jen still believes that I'm nice deep down, although I did explain that if she was to dig even deeper, she'd find the layer where I'm just an old goat. And to prove it I took this picture. Feel free to notice that support from the pillar is necessary while having two drinks. Sometimes life can be hard. Especially when there's a digicam nearby.

But anyway, we went on to Sanctuary, which totally rocked (With one small and insignificant exception, which has already been mentioned earlier) as per usual. Tom, Aidan and John gave us some really cracking tunes, and I think the pictures really speak for themselves.
In addition to the aforementioned peeps, I was lucky enough to bump into the Scousegoff crew and Mystra and Val.

Dolly, lee_c_rip and antman_manant joined us later, all having some ace pictures taken of them.

I'm sure that someone must have been pumping some sort of gas into the room though, as there were a number of relationship issues going on, and lee_c_rip managed to set his hair on fire.
Quite amusing, but christ it stank. Good thing I was outside minding the door while the stench lingered.

The night finished. I had a garlic bread with chicken and mushrooms, and then went home...
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