February 7th, 2003

Ice Bear

And in other news

Earlier today I was reminded that I haven't got tickets for the Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.
As soon as I get back from Denmark I'll have to get tickets for that and the M'Era Luna festival.
Assuming of course M'Era Luna and Infest doesn't clash...
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Ice Bear

Hair Poll Time...

I'm naturally blonde, but for quite a few years I've been dying it black.
For a while I've been trying to get it blonde again by using a progressively lighter shade.
That however is annoying, and I'm gonna go bald eventually no matter what, so the question I put before ya'll is:
Should I dye my hair black again or should I continue my quest for blondeness?

Poll #99767 Blonde or Black

Should I dye my hair black again or should I continue my quest for blondeness

Shave it off
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

Cor, what a crap morning it's been so far.
I burnt a cd this morning with a bunch of mp3's so I could have some new music to listen to at work.
And I then promptly for got it. Grrrr

And my laundry wasn't finished when I left so when I get home I have to hang it up to dry, and hope that it'll get dry.
It's my bedspreadd, duvet cover and pillow so I don't particularly want it to be wet when I need it. Grrrrr

I'm also tired as all hell, but that's totally my own fault, and I deserve no sympathy for that.

I suppose it's a bit of a bright side that I'll have a new pc by the end of the day :)

Four isn't enough, I need a fifth.
Ice Bear

I'm too easy

Or so I've been told

Right, I didn't sleep last night, so 'm pretty knackered right now, and yet at the slightest chance of beer at The Swan I'm good to go.
If only I wasn't so predictable, but alas, I am.
So after a text from Scioptic, I'm on my way.

I guess I'll just have to set up my newest pc when I get home. At least my pc's don't complain when I come home smelling of beer. One of the many reasons why computers are better than women :P

Hint: That was mean as a joke.
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