February 16th, 2003

Ice Bear


The last week or so has been rather unusual and quite interesting.

Friday last week I went to The Swan as a warm-up for the following day's Tequila Competition. Enjoyed the company of scioptic, Jen, felch_02 and possibly others I can't remember...

Saturday I got up rather late, 15:00, and started preparing for the upcoming competition. After bit of cleaning I dashed to the office to pick up my camera for the evenings drinking. Got to The Swan just in the nick of time as the others had decided that at 18:00 I would lose by default...

So I got to The Swan and met up scioptic, Jen, felch_02, Liz, klex + gf, Wuggy, Liam, antman_manant, nailbug, Helen and a few others I don't know. Dolly Matt showed up fashionably late from his Friday romp in Manchester.

When everyone had finished their drinks we headed off towards Tesco to get the tequila and drinks for the others. Sadly Tesco didn't have the tequila we wanted, but eventually we got some from a Threshers near where I live.
Drinks and food at the ready, the two contestants faced each other, lemon, salt and tequila at the ready. We quickly proceeded to demolish a bottle each, and went in search of some more tequila. Liz, nailbug, Liam and myself went on a bloody trek around Liverpool, but at least we managed to pick up 2 bottles of Smirnoff and some not-too-good tequila.

Liam then had one or two more shots, stood up and said:
I stood for England, I stand for England.
*Thud* :)

He was then dragged to the bathroom where he could spew in piece.
Various people took turns at helping him and cleaning up after him and the merry-making continued on till about 4am or so. People slowly left and Liam was put on my sofa and lights went out.
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Ice Bear

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Later when we were trying to sleep we heard an odd sound/bang outside but didn't think much of it. This being Liverpool we weren't too concerned about the sirens either ;)
Ten minutes or so after the sirens arrived, my landlord went around and told us that we had to evacute the house because the house next door was on fire. We duly evacuated the house, although Liam was still quite woozy/drunk/wasted.

It wasn't too bad though as it was 'just' an electricity thingimajik in the ground which had caught fire, and not the house connected to the one I live in. So after huddling outside for 20 minutes or so, we decided to go back in and relax a bit. At this point Liam decided that he might as well grab a cab home, and so he did...
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

Anyway, last Sunday went quietly without too much fuss and I got to work characteristically late and got up for work rather late on for work Monday as per usual.

Tuesday, nowt happened.

Wednesday I managed to be 3 hours late for work which was rather unusual even for me. As my boss said, no one noticed ;)
It think that's a sign that neither of us do much work. Went for a drink with nailbug and later went to Realms of Darkness at The Boot Hill saloon.

It was unusually well attended and the tunes were great.
Met up with Tags, lee_c_rip, Gaynor, Nicky and Mike.
I also met karia8 at last.

Sadly Tags, lee_c_rip and Mike left early.
Especially unfortunate as it got better as the night progressed. So I would say that lee_c_rip was wrong in his assessment of the night.

Then I took a cab home and slept soundly...
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