February 20th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Ï just saw this courtesy of ikkleruby.

Warning, some of those pictures are so heartwrenchingly cute that you might not be able to keep yourself from sniffling...
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    Die Krupps - Fatherland (Original Mix)
Ice Bear

Holiday is a go

I'm now about to catch the train down to London.
Plans are as follows:
Friday, meet friend from Boston and have beers in The Intrepid Fox.
Drop his luggage at friends place, food and then either back to the Fox or off to The Dev.
Then The Ballroom.

Shopping in Camden with friends and drinking at The Dev or The Fox.
Possibly Slimes later.

Relax ;)

This means that I probably wont be checking LJ or e-mail for teh next week and a bit.....
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    Nothing, I'm logging off ;)