April 2nd, 2003

Ice Bear

(no subject)

Phones working again.
Rar Rar Rar

ADSL at home not working due to problem with BT's ATM network.

Tired as all hell due to staying up and playing Red Alert 2 all night (And I do mean all night)

Due to the frailty of floppy disks, there are 3 comments from yesterday which I haven't been able to see and so won't reply to them. Sorry. If it's important, feel free to remind me.

Bought two more cd's (Mazzy Star - Among My Swan & Kirsty MacColl - Kite) Spent the late afternoon being all nostalgic and reading.
*mmmmm, nice*

Exchanged e-mails with an old friend in London about the joys of quarter-life crises.

That's it, no more interesting stuff to add. At work and bored/tired. Bleurgh.
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

Right, it's home time.
I'm gonna go straight to bed when I get home, and sleep right through till Thursday morning.

And while I remember, yesterday there was a fault with BT's network which prevented me from having net access. Hopefully it will be sorted by the time I get home, but if not, you know why I'm not on-line...
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