April 4th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Took yesterday off as I was feeling poorly. Not really ill as such, it was more preventative action to avoid getting ill before going up to Glasgow to see faithais and Edinburgh for the Covenant gig.

Yesterday I got up at 15:15 after spending approximately 22 hours straight in bed.

Then I went to meet nailbug and we decided to go to the cinema.
We decided to watch The Core which was much better than expected.
The ending could have been better if this had happened:
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Ice Bear

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It is time for me to add something new to my signature on e-mails. And because I have a paid account, I can ask others which one I should choose. Otherwise I'd have to use more brainpower than I can realistically muster on a Friday afternoon...

Poll #120410 Signature Line

Which line will go best as a signature for e-mails?

Probi Immotiqve Este
Oderint Dum Netuant
Inservio Libenter

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Ice Bear

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I have now decided that it's time for a cull.
If you can read this, you're fine :)

Wouldn't life be so much happier/easier if people learned to use the LJ Cut Tag when posting quizzes that take several pages?
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Ice Bear

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And I'm also beginning to contemplate my next trip to London.

Next weekend is a no-go due to a friend being on-call and therefore can't go out. Possibly the week after?
We'll see...
I guess it all comes down to whether the friends I stay with are available for crashing space...
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