April 14th, 2003

Ice Bear

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I guess it's time for a much overdue report on my trip to Scotland and what I've been doing this past week.
Saturday I went up to Scotland courtesy of Virgin Trains and they were predictably 30 minutes late.
Tried to find my way to The Solid Rock when all of a sudden faithais saw me and came running over. We then went to The Solid Rock for a few drinks and went back to her and sublevel3's flat where we relaxed for a few hours. Here I had my first ever vegan meal. And yes, I can admit that it was quite tasty.
We then slowly got ready to go to Amatis, and I must have dozed off for a bit (Getting up at 6am on a Saturday is not nice) 'cos all off a sudden faithais was good to go.
Put my shoes off and off we went.
Finding Amatis turned out to be a wee bit harder than we first thought, as the entrance turned out to be fairly well hidden. In the end a very nice goth called Colin showed us the way and I seen had a pint in my hand. *Success*

Unfortunately you had to walk down three flights of stairs or so to get to the bar, so I decided to get two pints at a time. This turned out to be a Rather Good Idea™. deadsunflower also introduced me to purplehez, airport_tales and possibly others I can't remember.
Amatis was definitely a fantastic night with lots of good tunes and I really hope to go again at some point, really excellent.

At the end of the night davethehat came back with faithais and I, and we then sat and talked till sublevel3 came back, at which point I helped him carry some amps and speakers down to a waiting car.

I went to bed shortly afterwards.

I will now go and do some work before ontinuing...
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Ice Bear


Grrr, I was about to send off my reservation for accommodation when I noticed that you have to send a cheque. And here I am with no chequebook.

Any volunteers who'd let me use their chequebook? :D
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Ice Bear

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Gar. Home now. Tired.
Very tired.
Can't be bothered turning Trillian on.

Just wanna vegetate.

Might put on my new big stompy boots on (N00 Rawks #102).

I'm currently prepared for one specific comment from one specific person. ;)
Ice Bear

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Just put my big stompy boots on.
Rar Rar Rar.

On it would appear that the reason they chafed on Saturday was because I hadned tightened them enough.
They are really nice and tight now, and there are no problems :)
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