April 28th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Feel free to call me a sad geek for it would appear that I have created mr_eleganzatest where I will be posting tests, surveys and those sort of things. I will not be using the cut tag on that journal. Ever.

This is an idea which I have blatantly nicked from silverfiligree.

So don't expect to see quizzes or anysuch thing on this journal again.
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

I forgot to mention earlier that I am an extremely naughty man.
Today I put the Seti @ Home program on an additional 10 - 15 pcs at work. :)
And tomorrow I'll put it on a few more.
"Why?" I hear you ask...
"Why not?" is my answer.
And anyone else who wants to help find the little green (wo)men could join this group.
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Ice Bear

Willpower and stuff...

This was actually a reply to faithais, but I felt it was worthy of a post:

I have actually been extremely good. I have applied all my willpower [towards not smoking] and I have only had two lapses since I visited faithais. If I remember correctly.
I have even dropped down to the 10mg patches which is quite a biggie for me. Everytime I walk past a shop that sells smokes I have the urge to go in and buy some, but I've been strong, and each time I resist I feel better for it.
And of course there's all the money I save :)
which will go towards geeky stuff (More about that later) and going places...
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