May 13th, 2003

Ice Bear

The weekend that sucked...

Ho hum, Friday I was meant to go to The Swan with felch_02 and Liam, but I somehow managed to loose track of time and when I realised what the time was, it was much too late to go. Grrr. And that is why Civ 3 is not a game to be played lightly. It sucks you in and sudden;y it's the next morning.

Saturday started fantastically when nailbug announced via text message that my presence was not desired that day.
Pffft. Nevermind. While she was in a strop as women are wont to be, I went to The Swan to meet lee_c_rip so I could get a bag of mine he had.
While there I bumped into nomunters, brin7 and subspecies which was quite nice as they're a very relaxed and amusing crowd to drink with. lee_c_rip eventually showed up before he went to the Krazy House.
After another pint or so, I vacated The Swan so I could go home and continue playing Civ 3.
Had a nice kebab on the way :) Mmmmmm, Kebab.

Sunday I slept in late and continued playing Civ 3 :) Yes I'm obsessed...
I also managed to be a bit late for work Monday morning.

And tomorrow I'm going to London for a meeting about whether my colleagues and myself will TUPE over to CGE & Y, or whether we're gonna become unemployed at the end of the month...
So I'd better go to bed now...
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Ice Bear

The weekend that still sucks

I forgot to mention that Sunday I went to Argos to pick up an iron. And Argos was closed when I got there. Grrr.

So I walk home again. And on the way home the metal bit on the back fell off.
Grr. Snarl.

Some of you may recall that this has happened twice on another pair of New Rocks and that I had vowed never to buy another pair. Well, I really meant it, but I needed a pair of big stompy boots, and this pair was sooo lovely that I had to get them. And they're not even a month old, and already they're breaking...

Do I walk funny or something?