May 17th, 2003

Ice Bear

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nailbug and I got up around 1 and relaxed a bit.
We then went into town so I could get some HDD mounting frames so I can replace a couple of cd-rom drives with hard drives later. Hopefully it'll work as there is an additional mounting frame which will have to be slotted into the place where the cd-rom drive is meant to go. Sometimes I truly hate IBM.

After walking nailbug to the bustop I went home via HMV where I accidentally bought Fallen by Evanescence. It's a weird mix of goth and nu-metal. Not too bad though, it's growing on me.
I also accidentally bought The Crow 2 disc collectors edition and The Usual Suspects (one of my all time favorites).

I have now spent the better part of the day going through the past 200 posts on my friends list. Pheew, that took some time.
I have also realised that I need to figure out how to un-lock my DVD drive so I don't have to worry about which region the cd's I buy are from.
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Ice Bear

Asylum Seeker Killed in Sweden

Full story here (In Danish)
In short:
The day before yesterday the Swedish police reported that the unlucky asylum seeker was loose.
It had boarded a train towards Helsongborg (City in Sweden with regular ferries to Denmark).
When it got off 200 meters from the ferry to Denmark (And freedom) it got stressed and decided to lie down for a nap. The swedes then decided to shoot the poor defenceless elk.
Never trust a Swede. They're evil.
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Ice Bear

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I've just gotten a text from nailbug saying that it was an accident. She hadn't seen the car she got in front of.
And she's largely fine.
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