June 10th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Just finished watching Dracula 2001 on DVD (Lent to me by the lovely nailbug) and damn did it suck (cue groaning).
It started brilliantly and I had great hopes, but sadly it went rapidly downhill about 30 minutes into it. I suspect that if the movie had stayed in Londinium instead of moving to New Orleans it would have been a lot better.
Gerard Butler looked very much like the kind of vampire movi which would make any Anne Rice fan drool wildly and Johnny Lee Miller was quite good too, but the movie just didn't work.
They did however manage to explain why vampires don't like silver in a way that seemed relatively logical. In this movie Dracula is actually Judas Iscariot (Which is revealed much too early) which in turn makes it a cheap shot to call the hero Simon.
And the reason why vampires can't stand silver is naturally because Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver for his betrayal. That's probably the best reasoning I've ever come across. Does anyone know of any other reasons?

Don't watch this movie unless you're really bored...
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Ice Bear

Weekend write-up

If memory serves me right....
Met nailbug friday evening in the Swan and went back to my place. The rest of the weekend was spent more or less in bed watching DVDs and occassionally getting up for food. Went to Lidl where I found proper rye bread (Yay) and then went back and watched some more DVDs. Then went to work Monday. Nice and relaxing.

I'm fairly sure I did something else and I'm quite sure that I could write more, but I'm tired...

Mera Luna

Who's going?
And will you be camping?

And would those who are both going and camping be interested in pitching tent together?

I'm already in the process of arranging a camp with some other people I know, but the more the merrier...
Ice Bear

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I've been good and have actually studied for my exam tomorrow.
I'm not sure how to reward myself if I pass, but I'm sure I'll be able to think of something ;)
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

Ooooohhhhh I'm naughty.
I haven't passed the exam yet, but I've already decided to reward my self with a new Keyboard & Mouse from Logitech.
Wireless and optical of course :)
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Ice Bear

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The idea of the meme is that you rank the following items in order of preference, ranging from "Couldn't live without" to "Couldn't care less". You are supposed to add a category before you compose your own list, and you are allowed to delete a category.

Recorded Music
Good Food
The Internet
Live Music
Video Games

I added hope and removed Museums/galleries
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