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June 11th, 2003 - This is the day, This is the hour, This is my lunch — LiveJournal
I just stumbled across this on BBC News.
Apparently hundreds of students have been demonstrating in Tehran and they weren't attacked by the security forces.

That is absolutely amazing. And a bloody good sign too...

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I've done my last bit of revision before my exam tomorrow.
I've always been terrible with written exams so I won't be too disappointed if I fail, although it would be annoying.
And if I don't make it... Then I'll just have to try again :)

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I passed my exam with flying colours. If I had known it would be this easy I would have taken it ages ago.
I'm now waiting for Nailbug to arrive and we will then go for a nice meal later :)

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Jesus SavesCollapse )

Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

Also, I have just finished watching Evolution.

Quite funny and I'll recommend watching it, but at the same time I can see why it flopped...

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Rar. This might *seem* evil, but no cats were harmed during production.
Clay Kitten Shooting :)

With thanks to themadcatlady

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