July 19th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Had a very good day today.
Only unfortunate thing was that nailbug couldn't be here to meet my friends.
Met up with an old friend of mine in Camden with Andy and Rachel. A & R went shopping, and Anke and myself had a few drinks in The Dev chatting.
I am nearly 100% sure that I spotted greap there, but as I've only seen his LJ picture, I didn't want to go and harasss some hapless stranger.
Am now getting ready to go to Decadence where phantomsophie will also be.

I also got a rather nice top which Anke has told me I probably wouldn't want to wear in Germany :)
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Ice Bear

Conversation in the Dev

Me: Was there a time when we didn't talk?
Her: Yeah, after you had dumped me, remember?
Me: Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that.
Her: Best thing that ever happened to me.
Me: Well, that's why I did it.
Her: Bullshit...

Ouch. But well deserved...
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