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July 22nd, 2003 - This is the day, This is the hour, This is my lunch — LiveJournal
Since I have booked another exam, I feel that I deserve to buy myself something nice :)
I would quite like the Zero Fog Blaster which I'm sure would provide lot's of fun at Infest but I think I might have to sneak in a couple of cd's as well.
Probably VNV Nation, Covenant, Nightwish or similar.
Any recommendations would naturally be appreciated :)

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Current Music: Seabound - Point Break

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/Goth isn't working. And I'm bored sh1tless. And I want to go shopping. And /Goth had a thread about cheap on-line music. Grrrr.
Or maybe it's just our cack proxy that's being pants...
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Have you ever wanted to rent a cow for the summer?
Now you can :)

Thanks to sushidog for the link

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Current Music: Nightwish - Feel for You

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Sharing files via Kazaa is getting a bit too dangerous :(
Thank god for FTP access.

Those who have FTP access to my machines should notice a few more folders the next time you log in...

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Give me a bandwagon, any bandwagon....Collapse )

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Today is my 4th anniversary of arriving in this godforsaken hell-hole of a hamlet :(

Oh well, at least the end is in sight.

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