August 4th, 2003

Ice Bear

(no subject)

What glorious weather we've had today. AND IT'S GONNA GET EVEN HOTTER :)

Ahem, I like this weather, it's great. The only problem is that the hotter it gets the more I want to smoke, and that's something I'm still struggling with :(
Apart from that I love it.
The weekend was quiet as I stayed in and studied. Most of the time anyway... I tried to sit in my sofa while reading, but I kept nodding off :-/
Relaxing though.
Today I was meant to meet nailbug after work, but since I hadn't heard from her in two or three days I assumed she wasn't gonna show. For all I knew she might not even be in the country...
Turns out she was waiting for me after all. That'll teach her to not remain silent and actually answer e-mails/texts occasionally.
Anyway, apart from that I should be studying, but instead I'm sitting here discovering a huge flaw in my firewall software.
There's a limit to how many rules it can handle.
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