August 25th, 2003

Ice Bear


Infest was good :)
A few highlight before a more comprehensive update:

  • Finally meeting jozafeen and spending lots of time chatting with her, suebeedoo and caf_pow

  • Also meeting missyk8

  • Having a good picture of me taken

  • Having an "I'm a better viking than you" discussion with a bloke named Rob. At least we agreed that Swedes aren't even close to being real vikings :)

  • Tarentella Serpentine were fairly good and highly amusing. The frontman danced like an epileptic spastic and the keyboard player must have been really really stoned (Judging from our conversation later)

  • Arkam Asylum and Seabound both rocked.

  • VNV Nation were ace.

  • </li>

More later, I'm minging and need to be cleaned up...
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    KMFDM - Like a Virgin