September 5th, 2003

Ice Bear

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I'm the 180,055,711 richest person on earth!

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Obviously this is based purely on income and doesn't take living expenses into account.
I pay £160 a month in rent, which includes all water, electricity, council tax and so on. Naturally this means that in terms of actual spending money per month, I might be better off then someone earning £10k more than me, but living in an expensive place (Say, London for example).
But interesting none-the-less...
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Ice Bear


Jeg har prøvet at sende dig en e-mail, men adressen virker tilsyneladende ikke.
Send lige en mail så jeg kan få din adresse igen...
Ice Bear

Things that annoy me:

Users who have poor personal hygiene when I have to go and fix something for them.
How hard is it to have a shower or at least use deodorant?
Things that pleases me:
Leaving work on a Friday afternoon.
I'm off to see nailbug's new cat.