September 20th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Hmm, long time no update...
I have been tremendously busy re-arranging a bit of furniture and trying to get my 'pooters set-up (Physically arranged) in a more logical and convenient manner. I've also been trying to figure out why my FTP site wasn't letting others logon, but that one has finally been cracked.
Silly as I am, I'd forgotten that standard users can't logon to Active Directory domain controllers. D'oh. A few security policy changes later, and all is sweet. I now have to check the security settings to check that the people with ftp access doesn't have acces to stuff they shouldn't see\delete...

Last weekend was quite fun with much drinking and general carousing. Thursday it was my former boss' leaving do, and a bunch of us went to bewildering array of trendy bars which was surprsingly good fun. It must have been considering that a colleague had to remind me of where we went towards the end as the memory had kinda faded away. Work the next day wasn't quite so much fun though :)

Friday I went to see a friend who had come up from Brighton or Bristol (I can never remember which is which) and surprisingly a hefty alcohol intake commenced. Again, jolly good fun was had at The Brewery and The Warehouse.

Saturday was spent first at The Swan Inn playing cards with felch_02 and various assorted people of dubious character. Amusingly I was taught two new card games and proceeded to totally own the people who had played it for ages. Always remember: Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and ability :)
Afterwards we went to The Krazyhouse as felch_02 and sistercarrion were participating in a DJ Competition. scioptic, sterroneous, jasedenton and possibly others I cant remember showed up.
It was fun for a while, but KH is an inherently annoying place so I left after a few hours to meet the friend who's up from the south.Eventually I found myself at one of her friends' places and fell asleep.

Sunday I got home, rested and went to the Southport fireworks show with a number of people which included the kuchisake_onna and pjwitch. Good fun, but christ trying to herd people is difficult...
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Ice Bear

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This week has been fairly quiet.
Work has been it's boring as usual except for Friday when something interesting came my way. The people manning the Vodafone PAYT helpline will shortly be using a new Citrix farm, but as we didn't have enough shiny new thin-clients, a colleague and I had to figure out how to change the old ones to connect to this new farm. Lot's of headscratching and bouncing ideas off of each other ensued but we finally did it. Editing ini files and batch files is good fun by the way.
In more pleasant news, I might finally be waving goodbye to this scummy hellhole The European Capital of Culture. But that will all be revealed in the fullness of time as it's not definite yet.

Thursday also heralded the grand re-opening of Midian at The Lemon Lounge which was quite a good night in general, although some scally swine managed to nick jasedentons bag. Grrr.

Yesterday was spent at the Swan with felch_02, helena_draven and a cheery chap called Kelly. Fun, drinks, cards and kebab on the way home makes for a good Friday evening.
I was actually meant to go to helena_draven's place tonight for a few drinking with an assortment of people, but I really don't want company tonight for some reason. I guess I'm all peopled out :)

And while staring out at the rain I can't but be ever so slightly envious of elfenkind and nailbug who are in Venice and Portugal respectively.

I haven't really read LJ since sometime last week as I have been rather apathetic, but I'm going to try to go through it all tonight. I really hope you people haven't been too prolific... :)
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Do you have manners?
Stolen from silverfiligree

5 out of 10.
I'm obviously showing off my barbarian heritage and being an ill-mannered European.
Even back when I smoked I'd never smoke in someones house without asking first. Or next to someone who's still eating in a reastaurant and so on...
When I greet friends I tend to do it with a firm handshake or a manly hug :) How would I know how many mwahs are ok?
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