October 30th, 2003

Ice Bear

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Well, I finally know where I'll be going in London on Monday.
And it won't be Morley Fund Management, PWC or LBC as I had originally been
told. I will instead go to the CGE&Y offices in South Bank. Fortunately this
is on the Victoria Line, which should make it a relatively easy tube ride
from Wood Green. Lot's of time to sit and read... :-/

In other news, when I cam in this morning some pikey scally feckwit had
nicked my mouse and one of my two mouse mats...???
Ok, it was a Nectar mouse with a scroll wheel, but still, mice are £5 or so
at most these days. If it isn't bolted down some scally *will* nick it. And
if it is bolted down, they'll probably come back with tools to nick it.

But anyway, at least yesterday was nicely relaxed and pleasantly sistercarrion came in to talk to hr and ended up chatting with me
for a couple of hours after she was done with HR. Quite interesting
conversation which ranged from 'The Scene' to her bean to future plans and
so on.

It is beginning to resemble a kind of funeral home in the office. Tomorrow
is the last day, and people are walking around tidying up a bit (and in some
cases nicking stuff). Some of those tidying up were a couple of trainers
from our site in Speke. Interestingly, one of them looked surprisingly like
someone I once knew, and I really couldn't help but for a second wonder if I
should try to stay up here for another month or so. Fortunately sanity
prevailed. But at least I had some eye-candy for most of the day :)

More later...
Ice Bear

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The Truth™ as I see it:

1: Never ever ever ever depend on anyone else, because they will let you down. They might not want to, but it is inevitable. If arranging something with others, always always always have back-up plans and inform them about it...
And prepare to be disappointed...

2: Out of the mouth of babes...
People will almost never tell you the truth straight to your face, or post comments using their own username. As evidenced by *That Post* by medusa, people will usually only show their true face when they are anonymous. :(

3: Trust no-one.
Ok, maybe after you've known them for a couple of years it's ok to trust people, but until then, it's always safest to assume that they're up to no good.

4: Don't believe a thing they say.
When ever someone tell you something, try to figure out what their agenda is. And if someone tells you something that someone else told them in confidence, always remember that you will never ever be able to trust them to keep your secrets confidential...

5 The only person you can ever trust and depend on, is yourself. Seriously. Trust me on this.

Hmm, I don't know if any of this helps, but I find it useful to be fully self-sufficient. I also find it useful that when I'm beginning to feel that I can confide in someone, I'll only tell them small things which don't necessarily matter, but if they get back to me via someone else, I know who not to trust. And I never give second chances.

This might all sound a bit cynical, but it helps me get along :)

Obviously there are a few exceptions to these, but they are few and far between...

I actually wrote this as a reply to post, but I thought it was worth a post on it's own...
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